2023 ICPC 2023 Asia-Seoul Regional Contest for Foreign Teams (Nov.24-25)

The ICPC 2023 Asia-Seoul Regional Contest invites foreign teams.

1) We have the capacity to accept a maximum of 7 foreign teams, which amounts to
approximately 10% of the total teams participating from Korea.

2) Each university is allowed to register only one team, and
registrations will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

3) Registration will be open and can be completed through this link:
(Registration period: November 3rd – November 17th).

4) Please note that this is an “Onsite Contest,” and all team members are required to be present for the event.

5) The contest venue is the KINTEX complex, which is conveniently located approximately
one hour away from the KTX railway station or Incheon International Airport.
You can find more information about KINTEX here: https://www.kintex.com/web/en/index.do